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Volume 15 Issue 397 Dhul Hijja 04, 1436 AH / September 18, 2015 - $1

The next step of the Miracle
“Miracle Marriages”

The Miracle newspaper was thrilled to receive the overwhelming response from its readership and the local people of foresight across the community lines, after the publication of “Addressing the Need of Marriage Bureau in BC” in the last issue. This endeavor of the Miracle team for the establishment of an enterprise for serving the local kinship, across the religious and cultural lines professionally has been the long looked-for necessity of the local South Asian communities in general and the Muslim Ummah in precise. Undoubtedly, some self-serving people in the community apparently maintain to render a diminutive assistance to the people in need, on the subject under discussion. Nevertheless, due to the lack of suitable expertise and deficiency in the ethical and professional approach, they sorrowfully disappoint the fellowship, with reference to the rendition of any meaningful and momentous service.

Thus, feeling optimistic from the enthusiastic and upbeat feedback of the local population, the Miracle newspaper is driven with the supreme confidence to embark on the responsibility of providing professional services to the related communities and exploring suitable matches for their children. The Miracle team is working hard at this instant to work out the modalities of the project and Inshallah, the day is on the horizon when this business enterprise would illuminate the sphere all over the place with its glowing radiance.

At this juncture, it will not be out of the context to inform our readers that at a specifically convened meeting of the Miracle Advisory Board on October 30, a detailed discussion was held on all the pros and cons of the issue. Respectable people from local Hindu, Muslim, and Sikh communities were also invited by the Miracle Media team to participate in the meeting and share their opinion on the subject matter. It is a matter of great satisfaction that the meeting, held in the cordial atmosphere, was concluded with affirmative and fruit bearing outcomes. Since the project under reference is the urgent need of the hour and evenly beneficial to all the communities of South Asian origin, they pledged their unobstructed support to the Miracle's new enterprise, for enriching the required database for this project, from their respective brotherhoods. To solicit appropriate matches from the outstations and overseas, a website is also being constructed, along with an online application form and other necessary particulars of the young men and women of the marriageable age to suitably facilitate marital alliances. In the meantime, people are encouraged to keep on supporting the project with their support and enthusiasm in the form of their suggestions. It hardly needs mention that your worthy endorsement of the project will help us greatly in shaping this project. In addition, you are hereby requested to not only use the service for your own children of marriageable age, but also recommend this project for the service in question to your relatives and friends, living far and near. Feel free to call 604-690-0400, or send an email at for your feedback and valued suggestions.

Jazakallah Khair


Registration form for Miracle Marriage Bureau

Download registration form here and email the completed form to

::Marriage Fraud to get Canadian Immigration

I would like to share my story, which have been proven in the Court. I got married in 2010. It was a big ceremony in our family as I am the only son after six daughters. I went to Pakistan from Canada along with my mother and dad for my marriage.
I stayed with my wife for six months after marriage, but she did not allowed me to consummate my marriage and kept on saying to hold on until we go to Canada, then we shall have kids. I believed her words, and upon my arrival in Canada I sent her sponsorship application to Canadian Immigration Authorities. During the period of application processing, my family took care of her in Pakistan. They arranged for English Classes, driving training and sewing lessons, to get her ready for Canadian Living in Pakistan. I kept on sending all the expenses for her living in Pakistan.
My wife got visa and landed in Canada on May 3, 2013 and moved to my family house in Canada. I took her different places with me for sight seeing, family invitations, parties, fairs, shopping centers.
Her PR Card arrived approx 3 months after landing, then 2 weeks later health care and SIN Cards. When she got all the ID’s in hand as per plan she made allegations through her brother in England to the Police that she had been assaulted and had been treated badly by me and my family since she had arrived. The police assisted her leaving the home. She had already packed her belongings including cash, Jewelery that she had received as gifts from my family prior to contacting police.
As a result of the allegations, I was charged with two counts of assault and one count of uttering threats to cause death or bodily harm to her. A trial was held and I was found not guilty on all 3 counts by the Honorable Court. She also had made application in the Supreme Court for spousal support and division of property. These claims were dismissed by The Supreme Court of British Columbia.
I also came to know, she has a friend who came to Canada, and made similar allegations on her husband in similar incident. It seems that there is a pattern of deceit to gain entry into Canada.
It is obvious that my wife married me for the express purpose of coming to Canada and left me as soon as she had obtained the necessary documentation making false allegations against me. As I am devastated by my wife’s action as I believed it was a genuine relationship and has since realized that she only used me to obtain permanent residence in Canada.
I want to express the authorities to take action in such false cases, which has damaged me and my whole family in physically, mentally and financial losses. I ask the authorities that there is no law in Canada to take action on false allegations. If she wanted the divorce only, she would have asked for divorce only, why I had been put in Police custody, mentally and physically, financial losses and stress on false allegations. How the authorities can help me to recover.
Spouses know that in Canada there is no law to take action on false allegations, that’s why every day there are similar cases go to Police, Courts, and Government spent a huge tax-payers money, and after that all the expenses are charged from the poor and victimized spouses who sponsor them. Actually all these expense should be charged from the sponsored persons, who make false allegations to their spouces.

Finally, I would like to inform everyone wants to get married from their home countries, please make sure, it is a genuine marriage and you are not setting your foot into trap.
Thank you,
Muhammad Rashad Hassan,
Victoria, BC, Canada

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