Volume 17 Issue 446- Dhul Qadah 11, 1438 AH August 4, 2017
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::Canadians’ health-care costs have skyrocketed: Study

TORONTO - Health-care costs for the average Canadian family have increased by nearly 70% during the last two decades, a new Fraser Institute report says.
The study, which used data from Statistics Canada and the Canadian Institute for Health Information, says the typical Canadian family of four will pay $12,057 for health care in 2017.
Meanwhile, the average single Canadian will pay $4,596 — almost a 100% increase during the same 20-year period, from 1997 to 2017.
The Toronto Sun asked co-author Bacchus Barua, a senior economist at the Fraser Institute, about his report, The Price of Public Health Care Insurance, 2017, which was released Tuesday:
Why was it important to explore this topic?
“One of the most remarkable things about Canada’s health-care system is that nobody actually seems to know how much they pay for it. Quite often in conversation, sometimes people refer to it as a free health-care system. I think there are some people who might think that there’s just a few tax dollars here and there. In provinces that still have premiums, a lot of people tend to think that the premiums are the full cost of the health-care system. But in fact none of that is actually the true cost of health care. We pay a lot for our health-care system but through a variety of taxes through the general tax system.”
Do Canadians get good value for their money?
“We have some of the longest wait times for treatment in the developed world. Another project we’ve been doing every year is simply measuring wait times for health care in Canada. So in 1993, when we first put out the survey measuring wait times, we measured it about 9.3 weeks between referral to treatment and last year we measured it at 20 weeks between referral to treatment which is a clear deterioration in the wait times. Physicians are telling us that their patients are waiting longer than what they consider to be clinically reasonable.”
Do you think this trend of health care costs going up will continue as the boomer generation ages?
“We can sort of see that aging will continue to play a part in the rising costs or at least rising pressures when it comes to health care in the future. It’s something that will happen one year at a time. It’s not going to suddenly happen overnight. And a lot of people point that out. It’s something that we still need to prepare for because it’s not something that we can change. We can’t simply snap our fingers and change what our demographic profile is going to look like.”

Are Canadians paying more or less than people in other countries?
“In general Canada is usually among the top spenders, if we’re looking at a group of (35 member) countries, like the OECD (The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development), which is generally comparable. In general, we are among the top spenders. Depending on the measure that you look at, we can be ranked between three to nine.”

::Selecting The Right Friend

By: Nada Adam
I start with the Name of Allah, praise Him, and ask Allah to raise the rank of our dear and beloved master Muhammad, and protect his nation from that which he feared for them. Thereafter, dear respected brothers and Sisters in Islam,
Allah said in the Holy Qur’an:
This Ayah means: {Those who were friends in this life will be enemies on the Day of Judgement except those who were pious}
Allah Subhanahu Wa ta^ala informed us in this verse that the people who were friends in this world will turn into enemies in the Hereafter except for those whose friendship was based on piety their love to one another and companionship will surely remain.
The pious slaves, dear brothers and sisters, are those who do all what Allah ordered them to do and refrained from all what Allah forbade. They are religious knowledgeable to ensure their acts of worship are valid adhering to requisites and prerequisites. They are the ones who treat the people with kindness and are honest in their islamically approved dealings – most importantly they are honest with themselves, with others and with Allah Subhanahu wa ta^ala.
The Question is: How many people nowadays carefully choose and select the pious, God-fearing friend? How many parents these days are truly concerned about choosing righteous companions for their children? I would say, sadly very few… So people confuse good manners with knowledge in the Religion. Yes manners are very important in Islam however, knowing how to believe in Allah and His Messenger correctly and learning the obligatory knowledge in the religion is the most important.
This is further confirmed by Hadith of the Messenger of Allah that means, “Seeking the Religious knowledge is a personal obligation on every Muslim.”
This is mainly due to the massive ignorance in the religion that is widespread and so many people are plagued with problem now-a-days. The world has an epidemic of Religious ignorance with so many people claiming to have Religious knowledge and they speak from arrogance about religious topics they in reality know nothing about and worse, add to such topic their own opinion…all the while, they unknowingly with such ill conviction, belied Allah and His messenger whether intentionally or unknowingly.
A religiously ignorant person will never ever become pious. Allah does not take ignorant people as Upright Righteous Pious people. The only way to be righteous is become pious first. And the only way to piety is to gain proper and authentic religious knowledge. Even the best creation, our Messenger, had a teacher who was Jibreal…we are not born knowing and we must learn regardless your age.
May Allah, make us among the pious slaves of Allah who co-operate with one another to perform what Allah accepts. May we come together to do what is in obedience to Allah. May Allah bless us with a pious friend who will guide us to goodness and to the deeds which will benefit us in our afterlife!
Our Pious friend, instead of asking you; where do you want to go out to tonight, or which dance/night club do you want to go to or what movie do you want to watch in the theatre tonight, they will ask you: how about we both attend a religious lesson this evening by the will of Allah subhanahu wa ta^ala. It’s good to note, the person(s) seeking to add to their religious knowledge is an indication that Allah has willed goodness for person(s) who do this.
Therefore, the righteous friends are those who remind each other about the Hereafter and encourage each other to perform good deeds. They do not cheat each other, and certainly do not encourage each other to do something forbidden or unjust.
A pious friend is one would advise you and warn you if you do a forbidden act because he wishes you to be religiously well. Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said what means: <<The believer is like a mirror to his brother >> Meaning he warns and advises his brother until his situation is corrected. The mirror is used to reveal that which we dislike in ourselves in order to be removed or corrected. The prophet likened the believer to the mirror in terms of recognizing the faults in his brother and guiding him for the sake of Allah until that fault is corrected.
A pious friend these days is very rare; the pious friend (male or female) is the one who loves you for the sake of Allah only and is friends with you for no other reason. Unlike the many so-called friends who are friends with you now-a-days who are affiliated with you for many worldly gains/possessions such as your money, your status in the community, your family or work, your assistance to get and keep a job, or your connections – for either business or personal ventures and contacts, to buy a car or more often, they wish to marry someone related to you…those are not real friends, they are so-called friends after worldly (gain) matters and on the Day of Judgment this fake worldly friendship will turn to enmity.
This type of friendship is SO special, rare and significant that in the religion, it’s mentioned – “those who are truly friends and love each other for the sake of Allah shall be under the shade of the throne (the ceiling of Paradise) on the Day of Judgement, where (the best of creations will be) the prophets and martyrs who will be pleased to see these sincere pious friends.”
In conclusion dear brothers and sisters, if you know that your Muslim brother/sister has not learnt the matters of the religion, has not learnt the obligations and is not aware of the forbidden matters, it is your duty not leave him in his ignorance but to advise him with the proper path for the sake of Allah. And if you wish to visit your brother, then visit him with sincere good intentions hopeful that Allah to reward you on the Day of Judgement.


::Falling is the leading cause of injury-related hospitalization in Canada: report

By Maham Abedi
If you’ve wound up in a hospital after falling off a staircase or tripping over an object on the ground, you’re not alone.
A report by the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) found that unintentional falls are the leading cause of injury-related hospitalizations across Canada.
While the reason for most falls was unknown, the known leading causes were “slipping, tripping or stumbling,” “falling from one level to another,” and “falling on/from stairs and steps.”
The report, titled “Injury and Trauma Emergency Department and Hospitalization Statistics,” used data from the Hospital Morbidity Database, and previous CIHI reports.
It found that 146,609 Canadians were hospitalized for unintentional falls between April 2015 and March 2016.
Nicole Loreti, who works with CIHI, says this year’s results are largely in line with previous years’ findings, as well as causes of hospitalization in the United States. She adds that it’s unclear what types of injuries are most commonly suffered by those who fall.
“To be hospitalized with a fall means it’s serious,” she says, explaining it’s likely more serious than just a sprained ankle, and could even be broken bones or a concussion.
77,000 Canadians hospitalized because of alcohol in 2016
The second highest cause of injury-related hospitalizations was vehicle accidents. A total of 23,819 were hospitalized for vehicle-related injuries including car collisions, and pedestrians or cyclists being struck.
Attempted suicide and self-inflicted injuries were the third most common cause, with 20,282 people affected. The self-inflicted injuries resulted from poisonings, jumping from a high place, hanging in strangulation, cuts from sharp objects, and moving in front of an object.
The poison used ranged widely; some substances listed by the report included gases and vapours, pesticides, alcohol, narcotics and hallucinogens.
Reality check: Is a daily glass of wine really good for your health?
The report also found that younger Canadian men were more likely to be admitted into hospitals — but Canadian women above the age of 65 were more likely than their male counterparts to be
A total of 42,683 women between the ages of 18-64 were hospitalized, while 63,937 men in the same age bracket were admitted between 2015 and 2016.
In older Canadians, aged 65-84, 45,196 women were
admitted compared to 31,483 men.




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