Volume 17 Issue 446- Dhul Qadah 11, 1438 AH August 4, 2017

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::Anything Is Within Your Reach?

Shabnam Khan M.P.C.C.,R.P.C
Family Counsellor

There is nothing that is difficult or easy but it is only our perception that makes it look so. Any work seen as a whole, may be threatening but when divided into parts, becomes simple and easy. Instead of being dazed by the magnitude of the task, start working and even if you do a little everyday, within a short period of time you will be surprised by your achievements.
The problem with many of us is that even at an initial stage we are baffled by the enormity of the task and give it up as an easy way escape. If we are sincere in undertaking a job, we would analyse ways and means of doing it. Lack of sincerity and erroneous perception often frightens us from undertaking any task. When we have strong willpower, the goal alone will remain constant in our memory and every challenge that comes our way, will convert into an opportunity for achieving our objective.
As we are conditioned by external influences, both environmental and individual, sometimes some unfavorable events happen on which we have no control. These unfavorable events make a negative impact on our effects and may throw us into a despondent mood. The best thing is to face situations, work out a strategy to get over difficulties and with will power go ahead with life. Such an approach to take on challenges is called character, which is essential for achievements in life.
What is important is your perception of things and situations. It is the faith in our ability to retrieve lost ground and the action we take which are two important things that makes any achievement possible. Thinking and planning are essential but without positive action, all the time spent on planning would be wasted. In the absence of strong will, we easily get shattered by negative events that cross the paths of our endeavor.
We must have absolute confidence in ourselves and that alone will bring out our inner strength. There is no point in asking ourselves, “Will it be possible for me?” Instead of doubting your capability, repeat the statement
“It is possible for me”. Anything and Everything Is Within Your Reach.
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::Freedom Celebration

By Asma Ayyaz, Mortgage Broker

We are going to celebrate two countries freedom. They are connected by cities and cultures. Every year dozens of countries celebrate their independence and the day they got freedom. A question comes to my mind, are we really free, are we able to get freedom fromour own prejudices or some of thoughts or actions, who will fight for and guide us against our own struggle of slavery against our weaknesses and problems.
Breathe in Fresh Air
When we are so clogged in the problems of life and we do not know what to do, we long for freedom from all situations. We feel the need of fresh air and a way out. Ironically this also has to come from within.
We, like a spider, weave a web with our thoughts, beliefs and opinions. As time goes on we are caught in our webs. We feel like a spider flying and saving the people
but first we cannot save ourselves, how will we save ohters.
Freedom Fighters
We have to fight our own battles against any kind of slavery of ours towards any thoughts, actions, habbits or principle. Life is very simple and should be lived with simplicity and truthfully. Life becomes complicated when one breaks the rules of good conduct, honesty, kindness and rightfulness.
Every day is a new chapter in our life, a link to our story, past is connected to present, present becomes the future. Let us make each of our day, a happy day,
let us daily celebrate the good, the bounties given to us by almight. We all have good and healthy body to work with, opportunities to prosper, rain, water, things grown so many things are available to us. So we should also contribute by doing our job. Let us be free from things, matters blocking our growth as a person, as a good citizen
and as a human being.

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Always be a leader but not a boss. A boss says Hire or Fire. But a
Leader helps you grow.People say to leave the bad and only interact with the good but the truth is find the good in all and leave the bad.




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