Volume 17 Issue 449- Dhul Hajjah 24, 1438 AH September 15, 2017

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::True Happiness!

Shabnam Khan M.P.C.C.,R.P.C
Family Counsellor

“Life is never made unbearable by circumstances, but only by lack of meaning and purpose” For most people, feeling happy and finding life meaningful are both important and related goals. But do happiness and meaning always go together? Recent research suggests that while happiness and a sense of meaning often overlap, they also diverge in important and surprising ways.
As one might expect, people’s happiness levels were positively correlated with whether they saw their lives as meaningful. However, the two measures were not identical – suggesting that what makes us happy may not always bring more meaning, and vice versa. To probe for differences between the two, the researchers examined the survey items that asked detailed questions about people’s feelings and moods, their relationships with others, and their day-to-day activities. Feeling happy was strongly correlated with seeing life as easy, pleasant, and free from difficult or troubling events. Happiness was also correlated with being in good health and generally feeling well most of the time. However, none of these things were correlated with a greater sense of meaning. Feeling good most of the time might help us feel happier, but it doesn’t necessarily bring a sense of purpose to our lives.
Interestingly, their findings suggest that money, contrary to popular sayings, can indeed buy happiness. Having enough money to buy what one needs in life, as well as what one desires, were also positively correlated with greater levels of happiness. However, having enough money seemed to make little difference in life’s sense of meaning. People from wealthy countries tend to be happier, however, they don’t see their lives as more meaningful. While people from low income countries tend to see their lives as more meaningful. Although the reasons are not totally clear, this might be related to greater religious belief, having more children, and stronger social ties among those living in poorer countries. Perhaps instead of saying that “money doesn’t buy happiness,” we ought to say instead that “money doesn’t buy meaning.”
Not too surprisingly, our relationships with other people are related to both how happy we are as well as how meaningful we see our lives. Feeling more connected to others improved both happiness and meaning. However, the role we adopt in our relationships makes an important difference. In addition, spending more time with friends was related to greater happiness but not more meaning. In contrast, spending more time with people one loves was correlated with greater meaning but not with more happiness.
When it comes to thinking about how to be happier, many of us fantasize about taking more vacations or finding ways to avoid tasks. However, some tasks which don’t make us happy can, over time, add up to a meaningful life. Even routine activities - talking on the phone, cooking, cleaning, housework, meditating, emailing, praying, reading book and balancing finances - appeared to bring more meaning to people’s lives, but not happiness in the moment. To conclude, happiness can be attained in things which we already have but don’t realize the true meaning of this happiness unless we might be at the edge of losing it.
Value and cherish each moment of those precious moments as they will not return!!

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::Back to school-!

By Asma Ayyaz, Mortgage Broker

What a relief, thanks god, I swear I would not have survive one day more. This and many other sentences I heard around me. Many mothers are happy that school started and life became normal again. We all are back to routine life. We human being are also very difficult people. We do not like any situation for a long time. We always look for what we do not have or cannot have. We hardly appreciate what we already have. When children are having exams or schools, we wait for vacation. When vacation comes we wait for school to reopen.
Teacher’s duty/mother’s duty-
When we are all tired of vacation period of school, we are tired of looking after our own children; our own flesh and blood; whom we love so deeply , how can we respect the teachers, who are doing job, to mould our children, to make our children worthy human beings.
We respect school to miraculously make our children best in most of the things. Yes, they spend lot of time in school, they go there to learn but so do at home too.
Home is first school-
Our family, our home is very first school, even before any pre primary school. The very first base of their lives is made even before they are born, right from mother’s womb. What children can grasp, understand and learn at home, has great impact on their subconscious mind for a very long time.
It is fun-
Really, it is great fun in vacation time to go out in parks, picnic ECT with children. It is good leisure time too. Now school’s opened, we are back to normal routine life. Our days will be more planned, more disciplined. We give more time to ourselves mothers. Let us have some new activity planned for ourselves.

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Teacher’s to students-
Your mother gives you $ 50 and your brother $ 100, so how much will be in the end?
Too much trouble on big scale.




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