Volume 17 Issue 458-Jamadi ul Awal 2, 1439 AH January 19, 2018

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::It’s Your Choice!

Shabnam Khan M.P.C.C.,R.P.C
Family Counsellor

top for a moment and think about your life. How’s your health, your relationship and your sense of spiritual serenity? Your experiences today are a result of your past choices, patterns and habits. Are you happy with the way you’re living or have you fallen into a less-than-healthy habit that you just can’t seem to climb out of?
We all have at least one pattern of behavior that doesn’t serve us. We eat or drink or work too much. We choose friendships that don’t really honor us, and we react instead of responding in challenging moments. Yet in most cases, we still manage to function. Sometimes our negative patterns have small costs – simply slowing down our progress- and at other times, the price we pay for our poor choices are devastating. These choices can ruin our health, relationship, career or even our family life.
You may be overeating to find comfort, drinking too much to relieve stress, or spending too many hours at the office to avoid tension at home. You have to become fully aware of the situation. The only way to do this is by being honest with yourself. The key to making lasting, positive change is understanding where your negative pattern of behavior comes from. There are healthy and unhealthy ways to meet the needs in our lives. If the decisions are based on unhealthy habits, it moves us away from greater empowerment and happiness.
We can complain all we want, but if we don’t tackle what’s causing us having these unhealthy choices, we can’t address our deeper fears and won’t be able to make true commitment to having more balance in our lives. Without a clear understanding of our motives, we’ll keep trying to break our bad habits from the outside in and then dislike ourselves each time we fail. This leaves us feeling even more hopeless and creates a vicious cycle.
The bottom line: if you want to achieve lasting positive change and become the person you know you can, have healthy choices in your life. It may be time to wake up. It may be time to gradually change direction to implement some healthy choices in your lifestyle!

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::ADAM & EVE !

By Asma Ayyaz, Mortgage Broker

The very first existence the couple of mankind is Adam & Eve. The very first husband and wife, then the race began. They become parents and their children get married and it continuous goes on....
Husband and wife, this relation is forever, first this relation is very powerful and strong yet at the same time very weak and brittle.
If there is something wrong, something is not at peace in this relation, family is affected, thus children too and wherever they go others are affected too. Our society is made up from small units called families.
Blood is thicker than water
Many times, we make or break friendships. We get along with some relatives, some we don’t. We can avoid some, some we tolerate, and some tolerate us. Immediate blood relatives like parents, children even if are not together, never breaks. Son or daughter may settle somewhere else, get married, husband or wife either may die, under any circumstances the relation is always there. In a family people stay together even if relations are not good.
We still believe in institution called family. We do whole heartedly want to make these relations work. Yet irony is, there are the problem, always some or the other issues in the family.
33 percent
The passing marks are 33%, 65% more higher the study, higher are the passing marks, there are certain courses which requires more than 90% for admission. If we see basic passing percentage is 33 so if anybody has even 33% good qualities, he or she should pass in our relations and in our life.
Nobody is perfect
We are humans, not angels. We are bound to be somewhat good, somewhat bad. We all have types of feelings, qualities inside us. It depends on circumstances and our capacity to deal with it. We behave like angels or demons, depending on what we have inner strength to pass the difficult circumstances.
Life begins at home
Normally any person born is with his/her family; those who are not with families, their surroundings become their home environment.
Roll model
Husband and wife who are parents too their own personal qualities, how their relationships are with each other with family and genes in child, these all things along with circumstances makes or breaks the child. These children become adults, their behaviour, other such adults in society, all of us affect each other with our good or bad or challenging values.
Peer pressure
It is like peer pressure in the society. If few people do not care about the impact of their behaviour, decisions and do whatever pleased them, it is bound to affect some other weak minded person, even strong willed person are likely to get affected too, and other people are tempted to follow some forbidden paths or norms of society.
There is always something good out of bad and bad out of something good
If the free, whatever pleased me, behaviour is for betterment of society, person if that is to improve the state of human being in society, it is welcomed it means when in some families, they still do not let girls go for higher studies or pursue their career. In this situation it is welcomed if few dare to go for higher education or good career.
Nowadays this happens
Whenever somebody wants to act in certain manner or do something, which his conscience tells him wrong i.e. having affair, contract marriage etc bribe the person tries to quiet his inner voice which does tell him, it is wrong, you should not do, by thinking that “oh, it is not a big deal. Nowadays, everybody is doing this. Who cares about what people think, nobody is bothered_ _ _ blah blah _ _ _”. This is the effect of some bad fruits in our fruit basket of society.
Bottom line
So bottom line is that when the most eternal everlasting relationship of Adam and Eve, husband and wife is proper good, it will affect their family life, children and at last others. So let’s improve our relationship rather than avoid the issue period.

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People are prisoner of their phones that is why they are called cell phones
Husband-: where did I go wrong?
Wife-: you tried to correct me.

::Right Punishment!!

By:Nafisa Siddiqui
What happened to little Zainab in Kasur cannot be fully expressed with simple words.
The heinous assault and the murder of this little angel was herrendous. This murder spread rage and fury across Pakistan, not only is it heartbreaking, but this incident has caused us as parents to feel small and miserable in front of our children. Upon hearing of this tragedy, parenthood has been shaken at its core. We cannot tell our children not to be afraid, or make them feel safe, because after this incident we feel that we have miserably failed to protect our children. The story makes us feel powerless and vulnerable.
Child abuse takes place almost in every city and village around the world, including every place in Pakistan. In Kasur child abuse, rape and murder is at its extreme.
Child labor is also rampant in this city because of the reek of corruption, those involved in abusing children feel they can get away with this hideous crime because of the police force, who is miserably lacking in its ability.
Zainab was abducted January 4th, she was the eighth minor to have been raped and murdered in Kasur in the past year. The 2015’s child abuse scandal was the worst in the Pakistan’s history, 25 men gang raped 280 children. They video tapped the abuse and black mailed their parents by threatening to leak the videos. Police and government failed miserably to prosecute the culprits. The city of Kasur is close to Lahore, a political stronghold of Ex PM Nawaz Sharif and his brother Shahnaz Sharif, chief minister of Punjab.
The most heartbreaking and sad part of the whole scenario is that the murderers are still at large, seeking protection from officials and taking refuge behind committees, GITs and supporters of the ruling party who are defending their elected members. People are protesting because there is no progress in finding those responsible.
The ruling party and the wealthy are feeling safe because they travel with their chauffeur driven cars and guards, while the poor are feeling powerless and helpless. This has been going on for the longest period of time and now people are forced to think that this phase in life is not going to change. People are in a hopeless situation, but we should never forget that that’s not the way. Life does not take into account titles,nobility, power or authority, Life takes into account intentions and deeds, and the verdict will be presented as exactly what you deserve.
Rage and fury is irreversible. I request our ruling corrupt party leaders, for heaven’s sake, do not try to take the country to a point where the wrath of Allah will be the only support left for the poor, the deprived, and the weak. Stop this injustice, stop this blame game to divert the attention from the main cause, bring justice for this hideous crime. Give punishment to the criminals as it was done in 1981, the time of Zia-Ul-Haq’s martial law, when the culprits of the murder of Pappo were hanged and the whole Lahore saw them hanged, after that as a result there was not a single incident of child abuse for almost fifteen years .
It brought tears to my eyes when I saw the interview of little Zainab’s mother. Her only words, and her most powerful, were “I have nothing to say, I just want justice for my daughter”.
I beg our fellow country men to seek justice this time, and I beg them not to give up by saying “gareeb ki koon suntaa hay,

Gift​ ​from​ ​God” Syrian Family Arriving in Canada Opens Up Opportunity to do Good

When the Syrian civil war broke out in 2011, no one foresaw the devastation it would lead to. The war kept on raging. Weeks turned into months and months turned into years. When the
global community witnessed the horrors of war through news media, they were determined to intervene. One such voice was that of Justin Trudeau’s. He vowed to bring in 25,000 displaced refugees into Canada and he stood by his word. Adbul Jabbar, his wife and two kids were among the displaced
Syrian refugees that got accepted into Canada.
When the Jabbars first arrived in British Columbia, they were placed in a Surrey hotel and were provided winter clothing. The Jabbars’ expenses were all paid by the Canadian government.
Once they moved into their rental apartment, they were allocated a monthly stipend to pay for rent, food, and other expenses for the first year. Upon the completion of the first year, they were expected to become financially independent.
Being new to Canada, Abdul didn’t know a word of English. He was a truck driver in Syria and his wife was a pharmacist technician. Abdul drove a truck for over twenty years in Syria. It’s all he knew.
Naturally, he wanted to continue working in this trade in his Canada and for that he
needed a driver’s license. Abdul visited a driver licensing office in Vancouver along with the
Muslim Food Bank caseworker, Saira Saleem. Saira had taken up the Jabbars’ case only three months after their arrival in Canada. Saira helped fill out
licensing forms and interpreted his conversations with the office representatives.
There was a problem though. The licensing officer would not accept Abdul’s driving
experience from back home. Saira thought if his Syrian experience is not accepted, Abdul would have to wait years before being able to sit for a test to be licensed to drive commercial vehicles such as trucks. She knew how much Abdul wanted to start working.
Saira didn’t give up. She took him to another driver licensing office. Fortunately, that branch added Abdul’s previous driving experience to his file. Abdul now has his full license to drive small cars. Next, he needs to learn English because the test for driving trucks has to be taken in English.
He attends English classes from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. He can’t wait to speak English fluently.
“The biggest barrier for this family is language,” said Saira. She recalls Abdul telling
her about his days in the densely-populated refugee camp in Jordan. Abdul, his wife and two kids were forced to stay there for one whole year before they emigrated to Canada. Abdul had to work twenty hours a day to earn enough just to get by. He is glad that’s not the case here. What’s more, his kids get to attend school. There were no schools in the refugee camp they were in.
A few months ago, a bank teller wouldn’t open an account for Abdul because he
couldn’t provide his social insurance number. Abdul didn’t know what a social insurance number is, he didn’t have one in Syria. He called Saira and she helped him out. Saira also helped Abdul apply for extended healthcare insurance. This was important for Abdul because he suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and his medicines costs add up quickly.
“When someone asks you for help, it’s a gift from God,” Saira says about managing
the Jabbar family’s case. She is modest when talking about her contribution in Abdul’s success. She says these are only the first steps of his journey in Canada and that he will accomplish a lot more on his own.
These are real stories where our volunteers have an impact on members of our community helping them progress in their lives. InshaAllah next week we will bring you another story.
Please join us to have a purpose in your life to make a difference in the lives of your brothers and sisters by coming to our events and registering as a volunteer or donating to your organization, the Muslim Food Bank and Community Services Society (usually referred to as Muslim Food Bank) at
Our email is and Tel. number is 1-866-824-2525. 

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