Volume 17 Issue 449- Dhul Hajjah 24, 1438 AH September 15, 2017


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::TCF Vancouver raises $40,000 for education in Pakistan

By:Misbah Naseer
Education is a human right. And, like other human rights, it cannot be taken for granted. Yet, in Pakistan, the literacy rate 65% which greatly hampers nation’s growth. 22 years ago, a group of citizens recognized the importance of education in bringing social change and started non-profit organization, The Citizens Foundation. Today, it has 1,441 operational school units in Pakistan which are currently providing quality education to more than 204,000 students nationwide. TCF-Canada, one of its international chapters, helps primarily by collecting donations from expatriates and various other organizations. It is registered with Canada Revenue Agency and audited by KPMG.
On September 8, the Vancouver chapter of TCF held its fourth annual fundraiser at Taj Convention Centre in Surrey. The keynote speaker was Iqra Khalid, the honorable member of Parliament who presented the private member’s motion condemning Islamophobia. The mission of this sub-chapter is to raise awareness and promote the TCF brand and organize annual fundraisers targeting the Greater Vancouver audience. All donations raised from the fundraiser goes to support the annual operating cost of an existing TCF school in Pakistan.
Amna Hyder and Nabil Khaja were the hosts for the event. The event began with the recitation of the holy Quran by young Farwah Arslan followed brief update on TCF Vancouver by Mr. Usman Nadeem, Vancouver Chapter Lead. Mr. Waseem Javed then presented a report on TCF’s progress and accomplishment. President TCF-Canada, Mr. Sajid Salman also attended the event as well as the honourable Consul General of Pakistan, Mr Mohammad Tariq. Mr. Tariq commended the efforts of TCF and also expressed his personal gratitude for the Farooq family for their support for education in Pakistan. Longtime supporters of TCF, Mr. Alibhoy and Mrs. Janet Farooq spoke at the event about the how their families became involved and the importance of supporting this cause.
Hon. Iqra Khalid then took the stage and shared the heart touching story of her father’s journey from a small town in Pakistan to Europe and eventually settling Canada with the single goal of achieving education for himself and his kids. She encouraged everyone to donate generously to TCF. She also took the opportunity to speak about the violence in Myanmar and her role on the Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights Situation of the Rohingya in Myanmar. She asked people to actively voice their opinion.Mr. Mohammad Yasin then led the fundraising part of the event. The Rotary Club of Burnaby provided a generous cheque of $7,744 for TCF and the chapter was able to raise close to $40,000. Awards were then given to the organizers and the guests of honor received honorary plaques. The event was supported by many generous sponsors and was beautifully put together by a dedicated team of TCF members and volunteers.After dinner Jamal Raja, a talented musician from Calgary set the stage for the evening’s entertainment.

:: Stand up for Humanity. Save Rohingas from Burmese Brutality.

Interfatih forum on racism and extremism at Al Jamia Masjid Vancouver
On Sept10th an interfaith forum on racism and extremism was hosted by the Al Jamia Masjid Vancouver. This long planned program program was rededicated as a dialogue and call to action to benefit the Rohingya people facing persecution, starvation and genocide in Myanmar.
The event was attended by a diverse assembly of men, women, children, social activists of all faiths and backgrounds who have come together to stand up to racism and stand up for peace.
The program was emceed and moderated by Haroon Khan and included first person accounts from Rohingya natives now living in Canada including Sister Yasmin Ullah and Brother
Nasir Khan who relayed searing and heartbreaking stories of the conflict and how it continues to affect them and those in danger back home.
Common sentiments among speakers and
attendees included a call to revoke the
honourary Canadian citizenship and Nobel laureate status of Myanmar leader Aung
Saan Suu Kyi, international sanctions against the regime and military of Myanmar, UN peace keeping forces on the ground and assistance to NGO’s delivering emergency aid and support for Rohingya refugees fleeing the region.
Why the interfaith and social justice advocacy is so important on this and other matters that affect humanity.
Speakers included:
Ihsan Malik: Chairman, Islamic Trust, Pakistan Canada Association who greeted the assembled audience on behalf of the PCA and Masjid and gave a statement condemning the atrocities factor Ng the Rohingya people in Myanmar.
Sister Fatima Benhatta: BC Chair, Islamic Relief, Canada, spoke of the situation unfolding in Myanmar, the mistreatment of the Rohingya and ongoing relief efforts by Islamic Relief, an esteemed relief agency currently in the conflict zone delivering needed emergency aid on the ground.
Sikandar Khan: Past President, BC Muslim Association gave greetings on behalf of BCMA, spoke of the historical importance of Al Jamia Masjid Vancouver, and founder Riasat Ali Khan’s impact and dedication to the Islamic and multicultural communities and gave his views on the situation in Myanmar.
Annie Ohana - Stand up to racism metro vancouver co-chair and a BC teacher gave an address and delivered a systematic set of points relaying as to why the situation in Myanmar has escalated from Identification, to Ostracism, Confiscation, Concentration, and Annihilation of the Rohingya people.
Rabbi David Mivasir spoke movingly by not speaking at all at first by using tonal hums and then spoke relating the experience of the holocaust of the jews and the parallels occurring today and echoed Annie Ohana’s call on why the phrase Never Again applies to all and most especially to the Rohingya who are facing a genocide here and now.
Imtiaz Popat: co-op Radio, Anti-Bigotry Coalition - long standing supporter of human rights gave voice to an appeal for UN Peace Keepers to intervene and take charge of the security situation in Myanmar.
Jesse Kaur: gave a moving reading of her work silence=violence
Tarek Ramadan: Muslim Association of Canada chairman and long standing community activist gave an impassioned speech on the situation in Myanmar and gave an honest assessment of the failures by the international community to bring peace there and other regions affected by war and sectarian violence.
Furquan Gehlan: Canada Peace Initiative BC Chair gave a talk and call to action about the importance for Canada to establish a Ministry of Peace within the Canadian Government.
Mufti Aasim Rashid of Al Ihsan Educational Foundation and Islam Unravelled lead us in prayer and gave an insightful take on the situation in Myanmar, Extremism and racism and presented an important talk on Islam Unravelled an educational initiative that now more than ever is needed to counter the misinformation and Islamaphobia that exists today and that has impacted the situation in Myanmar and has contributed to the rise of extremism today.
Musa Ismail: Past President, BC Muslim
Association, Islam Unravelled co-chair delivered his remarks on the tragedy facing the Rohingya and why it is so important for all faith based groups to come together for humanity.
Haroon Khan gave his closing remarks and relayed a message from Brother Kwan of the Buddhist community, too heartsick to attend the forum but who passed on the message that the Buddhists committing atrocities in Myanmar do not represent Budhists or the teachings of the Buddha. Haroon Khan concluded that Extremism and Racism expressed by those claiming to represent, Muslims, Jews, Christians, Sikhs, Hindus, Buddhists, agnostics and otherwise must be seen as fanatacism and murderous extremism under the guise of religion and not representative of the teachings and examples of our prophets and faiths.
This is a reminder to heed the command of the allmighty to not hate and mistrust one another but for us to understand and know one another.
The forum concluded with representatives of all communities attending and supporting the forum to come together to continue the work towards peace and to organize fundraising benefits for the Rohingya peoples and to direct our federal leadership to match funds dollar for dollar to deliver desperately needed aid.
Haroon Khan, Yousef Barakat and Bilal Cheema were given directive to lobby in this regard and all affirmed to push for diplomatic pressure in keeping with our national identity as advocates for peace and peace keeping in the world. The people united will never be defeated. Stand up to Racism Stand up for Justice.

May the allmighty bless and keep us all.

:5th Annual Baabul Ilm Scholarship Awards Ceremony - 2017

Br: Mohammad Akbar:Baabul Ilm Education Society, a registered non-profit CHARITY, organized its 5th annual Baabul Ilm scholarship awards ceremony at the conference centre of Kwantlen Polytechnic University. The ceremony was very well attended by more than 125 people from all walks of life. Dr. Majid Hussain of UBC was the keynote speaker while Jinny Sims, Minister for Citizen Services was the chief guest. Also present in the ceremony were members of parliament (John Aldag, Ken Hardie, Sukh Dhaliwal), Counsel General of Pakistan, people from Academia, students and their families, people from business community, doctors, lawyers, and other professionals.
During the past four years the Society has given away more than C$40,000 worth of scholarships and awards to the youth of our community. This year again Society gave away another C$13000 worth of scholarships and awards.
Dr. Majid Hussain, the keynote speaker was the star of the ceremony. He made an excellent presentation full of motivation and encouragement for the youth of the community. His talk focused on vision, dedication, resilience, and hope. He shared his story of life which was full of challenges, how he overcame all the odds and managed to get to where he is today. The audience was pleasantly surprised to know that Dr. Majid was Canada’s table tennis champion and has represented Canada in many countries.
Wayne Tebb, dean School of Business, KPU talked about his own experience and shared with the youth of the community and their parents what it takes to enter a good post-secondary institution. He also emphasized on the importance of acquiring good quality knowledge and education. He quoted one of the sayings of Imam Ali (AS) “Knowledge is better than wealth. Knowledge guards you while you have to guard wealth. Wealth decreases by spending while knowledge increases by spending.”
Jinny Sims in her talk advised the parents that education is about the kids and not about their parents. She emphasized on the fact that if a child want to become a musician than parents should not force him to become a doctor. She said that kids should have a free hand in exploiting their true potential and excel in what they want to become. She also shared her story with the youth. Jinny said that none of you can come to her and say that he or she is facing greater challenges than she did. She said that despite difficult circumstances she managed to succeed in her life. She also highlighted few important points of her government’s education policy. John Aldag, Member of Parliament from Cloverdale-Langley city in his speech outlinefederal government’s approach towards higher education. Citing few examples from his personal life he told the audience that he left education after completing high school but went back to school after 25 years and completed high higher education. He said that age should not be a hurdle if you want to acquire knowledge and get educated. Dr. Mohammad Tariq, Counsel General of Pakistan, Ken Hardie, Member of Parliament from Fleetwood-Port Kellis, also spoke on the occasion.
Earlier, Dr. Mohammad Akbar in his opening remarks mention that the criteria to award the scholarships are very transparent. The scholarship Committee comprises of five highly respected, reputed, and educated members of the community. He said “in fact, we want this humble effort to help build harmony within the community by recognizing and celebrating the achievements of all our youth. The Society’s record over the past 5 years is a testament of its truly indiscriminate approach in awarding scholarships.” He pointed out that the history of the followers of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and his family is full of such people who left their mark on this world through their hard work and seeking and spreading knowledge. In doing so not only did they bring glory to themselves, but also to the communities, societies, and the world in which we live in today. He further said that in our times, it is our responsibility not just to preserve the heritage and the traditional thirst for knowledge but also try and make our own contributions and efforts in gaining knowledge in every branch of learning accessible to us.
Dr. Akbar said that at Baabul Ilm Education Society, we seek the advancement of our community by supporting these academic pursuits and channeling the resources in this direction. He finished his talk by quoting a very interesting sayings of Imam Ali (AS). Imam Ali says: “You Do Good Things and People Think That You Are a Bad Person Is Better Than You Do Bad Things And People Think That You Are A Good Person”.
After the presentations by the learned Speakers, scholarship awards and cash prizes of worth C$13000 were distributed among the youth of the community. The award and cash prize winners belonged to all sects of Muslim faith. This scholarship program is not directed to any particular sect or belief. It is open for all Muslims. All Muslim students are encouraged to apply for this scholarship in the future. For details please visit:
Mr. Zaheer Manki, chairman of the scholarship selection committee presented gifts as a token of appreciation to the honourable guest speakers.
In the end Dr. Zareen Naqvi in her note of thank thanked the learned speakers, the donors, and the volunteers who worked tirelessly to make this ceremony a success. Dr. Naqvi especially praised the performance and hard work done by Zoha Abbas, Mehak Merchant, Shaina Dhalla, and Khadija Akbar who conducted the whole ceremony in most impressive. The program ended with some refreshments and snacks.

::Vancouver Foundation Celebrates Neighbourhood Networking Picnic

On September 9, The Vancouver Foundation celebrates Neighbourhood Networking Picnic at Hawthorne Park Surrey.
The Picnic were attended by Honorable Randeep Sing Sarai, MP and Honorable Jagrup Brar, MLA.They delivered short speeches and discussed how they can help and advice the refugees and new immigrants, discussion also included the present organized ethnical genocide in Burma, against the Rohingya Muslims. An urgent action by the Canadian Government is required from the Audience to save the life of the Rohingya Communities. Suggestions includes sending urgent peace keeper military forces under the umbrella of the United Nations to stop the current genocide and the Human Rights continues violation. Everone enjoyed this picnic with Chicken BBQ and delicious Dinner. The families made fun with their kids and spent good time at Park.
Sheikh Ibrahim Elhag of Al Hudah Masjid and Mr. Salman Khan were the organisers of this Network picnic.

::Surrey Jameh Masjid Celebrates Eid-ul-Adha Prayer at Newton Athletic Park Surrey

::Eid-ul-Adha Prayer at Prince Charles School Surrey BC organized by Jamia Masjid Aulia Allah.
::Eid-ul-Adha 2017 at Masjid Al-NOOR Surrey BC.


:: EID Mela “ Chand Raat At Punjab Banquet Hall”

::“The Last Salute” released On 7th September in Pakistan

Alhamdulillah, with the grace of Almighty Allah On 7th September 2017, (PAF Day) The Last Salute by Sqn. Ldr. Nusrat Hussain (R) and founding Editor of The Miracle was successfully released in a simple, but graceful ceremony held at the Koh-e-Noor Hall of Officers mess PAF Base Nur Khan Chaklala.
Air Marshal Qaiser ex-Vice Chief of Air Staff of the Pakistan Air Force was the Chief Guest. Air Marshal Raashid Kalim ex-Vice Chief of Air Staff and Instructor Pilot of Nusrat was the guest of Honor. The ceremony started with recitation of the Holy Quran by Wing Commander Shaukat Rasheed. Air Commodore Rana Sohail Asghar then invited Sqn. Ldr. Nusrat Hussain who introduced the chief guest and the guest of honor.
Colonel Afzaal Niaz, Colonel Amer Jalees and Sqn. Ldr. Adil recounted their good old days with Nusrat and wished him all the best. Nusrat briefly described about going through the joy and pain while writing The Last Salute. He called the Air Force as his romance and Love. In the end Air Marshal Qaiser spoke about his days with the PAF and about martyrdom of his brother Flight Lieutenant Syed Alamdar Hussain Shaheed.
Major General Ahmed Bilal, Air Vice Marshal Atique Rafique, Brigadier Majid Azeem, Air Commodore Amjad Bashir, Air Commodore Nadeem Anjum, Air Commodore Sadiq Swati, Air Commodore Tanvir ul Islam, Group Captain Hali, Group Captain Zulfiqar Khan, Colonel Atiq Malik, Lt.Col. Aziz Ansari, Wing Commander Lala Karim, Major Shahid Hussain, Sqn. Ldr. Khursheed Mirza, Sqn. Ldr. Ali Shah, Sqn. Ldr. Omer Khattak, Sqn. Ldr. Naeem Ghori, Mr. Syed Shamim Haider, Mr. Nayyer Hasan, Mr. Nauman Durrani, Mr. Farrukh, Mr. Zia Siddiui Mr. Mahmood Jilani and Mr. Sohail Altaf were amongst the prominent guests. Nusrat signed the sold books. The Last Salute is available on and can be purchased on line in North America, U.K., Australia, Middle East and many other countries of the world. The Book is also available on Mr. Books and Saeed Books in Islamabad.
Launching of the book in Lahore and Karachi is also planned on 23rd September and 7th October respectively.
Lavish brunch was served with Nihari, Seekh Kabab, Chana, Halwa Puri, Paratha, Naan, tea and Lassi.
The Miracle team would like to congratulate and wish all the best to our founding editor.

::Why we are Shy from outdoor sports, such as, hiking and cross-country skiing: Dr. Iqbal

“My first introduction to hiking in the mountains was in 1949 when I was a 19 years old student in Islamia College, Railway Road, Lahore. Our physics professor, an ardent mountaineer took 12 of us for a two-week hike in the Kaghan valley. We started from Balakot and after passing through Kaghan, Naran and a few other villages we ended up almost half way to the Chinese border. That two-week hiking experience left a deep impression on me and I have never given up hiking all this time. I have hiked in the mountains of Germany, France and Spain. Well, I did some rambling in England too. But that was no “hiking in the mountains”.
I have lived in Canada for almost 60 years, more than half a century of which has been in Vancouver. British Columbia is a paradise for outdoor sports enthusiasts. I have hiked up most local peaks, including Lions. The most well-known local hike is Grouse Grind (GG). After my retirement more than two decades ago I started doig GG once a week. Well, it is during summers that I do most of the hiking. During winter I do cross-country skiing. I have been an active member of the Vancouver Skiers Club for almost 40 years. Due to wet snow and rain, local mountains are not very good for x-c skiing; instead we go far away to the east; Manning Park, Okanagan, Kootneys, and even in Alberta.
For many years, most people in the local hiking and x-c skiing clubs were of European descent; I used to be an odd-man-out. However, over the past twenty years or so a few Canadians of Far East origin have started participating in hiking and x-c skiing activities, but no South Asians – not yet!”





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::TCF Vancouver raises $40,000 for education in Pakistan
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