Volume 18 Issue 462-Jamadi ul II 27, 1439 AH March 16, 2018

Volume 18 Issue 464-Rajab 26, 1439 AH April 13, 2018


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::Abu Bakr Islamic Centre Surrey raises 150K in its Fundraising Dinner

Alhamdulillah, by the grace of Allahu azzawajjal, Abu Bakr Islamic Centre held a fundraising event featuring Shaykh Saad Nomani from Madinah. The 800 people who attended were treated to an outstanding display of talent by Shaykh Saad Nomani reciting the noble Quraan in many different styles imitating many famous Imams. The highlight of the night was a replication of Shaykh Abdur Rahman as Sudais which mesmerized all those in attendance. The management of Abu Bakr Islamic Centre were honoured that Shaykh Saad Nomani accepted their invitation and visited Vancouver officially for the first time.
Abu Bakr Islamic Centre has an outstanding debt of approximately $940,000. Pledges and donations collected in this event were north of $150,000
The fundraising portion of the program was conducted by Shaykh Ahmad Shehab. In November 2017, Abu Bakr Islamic Centre received their Charitable status and have since started issuing tax deductible receipts. Abu Bakr Islamic Centre offers many services to the community such as 5 times salwaat, children’s and adults’ islamic educational classes, Jumuah and taraweeh.
The management committee of Abu Bakr Islamic Centre would like to thank Almighty Allah for making this event successful. Also the support from all those who attended, donated, helped out in preparation and the Muslim media for their coverage was much appreciated. A special Thank you to Naveed Waraich, who went above and beyond the call to make this event a success.
To donate towards paying off the house of Allah, please visit abubakr.ca and find the various methods of payments in the donation section. All donations will be eligible for a tax deductible receipt.

::Meraj-Un-Nabi Conference at Fiji Islamic Centre Surrey

On April 1st, International Muslim Academy of Canada (IMAC) organized an event at Fiji Islamic Centre Surrey to remember the night of Miraj-un Nabi(saw).
Mr. Mohammad Yunus Ibrahim of IMAC was the MC for this event. Program started with Tilawat-e-Quran-Pak recited by Nabi Haroon and Ashaz Bilal Khan followed by beautiful Hamad o Naat Rasool Maqbool (saw) by Naseer Pirzada, Mr. Muzamil Ahmed and Dr. Niaz Ahmed recited beautiful Naats.
After Hamd-o-Naat session, MC requested guest Urdu dynamic speaker Maulana A. Latif Naumani head Imam of Masjid Aulia Allah to deliver a speech on Isra wal- Miraj. He delivered a spiritual Biyan. He said that in order to understand what happened on that night with our beloved Prophet Mohammad (saw), we should carefully read the first verse of Surah Isra’a 17.1” Exalted is He who took His Servant by night from al-Masjid al-Haram to al-Masjid al- Aqsa.”. He also said it is Ahel Sunnah wal Jamat’s strong belief that Muhammad(saw) travelled from Masjid al-Haraam to Masjid Aqsa and then Masjid Aqsa to seventh sky and then La Makan physically.
After Maghrub prayer Mr. Abdul Rasool Salis recited beautiful Naats. Mr. Yunus invited next guest speaker
Pir Afzal Shah Naqashbandi from Bullay Shah Academy of Canada. Pir Afzal started with the Sura of Bini Israeli 17:1 and quoted many verses of Quran along with Hadiths and delivered beautiful authentic incidents of Miraj.
He said “Allah (swt) took His Servant (PBUH),” this is the important verse which is not used for any of His Messenger. Peer Afzal also narrated beautiful Nasheeds and Sultan Baou Kalam in his beautiful voice. He said that it is our Allah (swt) blessings who gave us these moments to gather and do Zikar Allah(swt) and His Beloved Prophet Mohammad(saw) by heart. It is our duty that we should become the practice Muslim and perform 5 times Prayer in your daily life which was the Miraj Tuffa (present) to our Prophet Mohammad (saw).
At the end Mr. Yunus Ibrahim thanked all the scholars and guests and then after Darrod o Salam, Pir Afzal made Duaa for all Muslim Ummah.

::Zaad- Ul- Hujjaj Foundation holds their second annual fundraising dinner

On April 7th, the Zaad- ul- Hujjaj Foundation held its second annual fundraising dinner at the Afghan Chopan. With over 120 people in attendance, we were able to raise $12,000 towards sending one person to perform Ramadan Umrah this year and one person to perform Hajj. The program began with the recitation of the Quran by Hafiz Ahmed Khan, after which the host and Keynote speaker, Hafiz Abubakar Khan, introduced the foundation. The Zaad- Ul- Hujjaj Foundation is a not for profit organization that works towards sending people who are classified as ‘low income earners’ to perform Hajj and Ramadan Umrah. Due to the hefty costs associated with it, we hope to provide a few individuals annually with the financial aid needed to go to the Holy cities of Makkah and Medina where they can fulfill one of the obligatory pillars of Islam and experience a life- altering event. Similarly, the foundation aims to provide the facilities for the performance of Hajj-al-badal along with educating Musims on the importance of performing Hajj which, Brother Mohammad Sanioura spoke about at the event through the presentation of info graphics. He was followed by Hafiz HammadUllah and Hafiz Raza who spoke about their personal Umrah experiences and Br Mohammad Fahim Afzal who presented information on the organizations annual accounting and budget. Afterwards, Mr and Mrs. Zulfiqar, whose parents went to Hajj this past year through the ZUH foundation, spoke about their experiences and the importance of supporting such causes. The evening concluded with Maulana Zafar Abid’s speech about the importance of Hajj-al-Badal and Maulana Nomani’s excellent fundraising. The Zaad- Ul-Hujjaj Foundation would like to thank all their sponsors and volunteers for coming out in support of this good cause. They are currently still accepting Hajj and Ramadan Umrah applications for 2018 and 2019. If you believe you are eligible, please visit their website at info@zaadulhujjaj.org.

::Monthly Rally Against War by MAWO demands U.S. Out of Iraq Now!

By Alison Bodine
On March 16th,, Mobilization Against War and Occupation (MAWO) brought peace-loving people together to mark 15 years since the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq. Held at the downtown Vancouver Art Gallery, activists held picket signs and banners reading “U.S. Out of Iraq Now!” and “U.S. Out of the Middle East!” During the program, speakers called attention to the impact that 15 years of brutal war has had on the people of Iraq. Speakers also drew attention to the last three years of a brutal Saudi-led, U.S.-backed war and bombing of Yemen.
The spirited rally appealed to people walking by to get more information about the Western wars and occupations in the Middle East and North Africa. People were also encouraged to sign MAWO petitions against war; including one demanding an end Canada’s continued involvement in the occupation of Iraq and another demanding Canada end its $15 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia. Throughout the rally chants of “No to War and Occupation, Yes to Self-determination”, “U.S. Out of Iraq Now!” and “Stop Bombing Yemen Now!” echoed throughout downtown Vancouver.
Every month MAWO is out on the streets, rallying and petitioning to demand an end to U.S.-led wars and occupations. The next MAWO action is a rally organized as part of a coordinated international period of action, known as the “Spring Mobilizations to End the Wars at Home and Abroad.” At 5pm on Friday, April 13 at the Vancouver Art Gallery (Robson Street and Howe Street, Downtown Vancouver) MAWO invites all peace-loving people to join us in demanding “Stop the Wars at Home and Abroad!” “Money for Jobs, Healthcare, Education, Housing & Environment! No to War and Occupation!” and “No to Islamophobia!”
To find out about Mobilization Against War and Occupation visit www.mawovancouver.org or follow on Facebook or Twitter @MAWOVan

::Meraj-Un-Nabi Conference at Bullay Shah Academy Surrey
















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::Abu Bakr Islamic Centre Surrey raises 150K in its Fundraising Dinner
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