Volume 17 Issue 451- Muharrum 22, 1439 AH October 13, 2017


   :: Local Events
::Emergency Fundraiser For Myanmar organised by Local Muslims Organisations

On October 6, BC Islamic organizations and Masajid in collaboration with Islamic Relief of Canda did the emergency fundraising dinner for Myanmar in Taj Banquet Hall Surrey. Many community leaders, Ministers , MPs and MLAs attended this event and addressed. Allhumdulillah over $ 116 in less than an hour has been raised. Canadians are kind, generous and compassionate. Proud of our community’s leadership in responding to this devastating crisis. May Allah survive and safety for Myanmar people.(Ameen)

::Remembrance of the great martyrs of Karbala @ Masjid Anwaar e Madina

On Oct 7, Masjid Anwaar e Madina organized a very spiritual program in the remembrance of the great martyrs of Karbala and the great and high status of the grandson of the holy prophet ,sallallahu alaihe wa Sallam , saiyyiduna Imaam Hussein radi allahu ta’ala anhu.
The program started off with the recitation of Quran by Zeeshan Imroz , followed by a few naats and manqabats in group.
Then after Maghrib M/C Saiyad Afroz described the Shuadha e Karbalah event of this evening purpose.
He invited Imam and Khateeb of Masjid Anwaar e Madina, maulana Saiyad Imroz Dean Saify, who holds permission and spiritual authority in naqshbandi , qadri , chisti , and soharwardi, delivered a very informative , spiritual and factual speech in Urdu regarding the events of Karbala and the reasons behind it. Imaam Hussein fought to save and honour Islam against the tyranny of Yazeed and his stands.
Maulana Imroz mostly focused at the theme of Shahadat (sacrifice)of Imaam Hussain. He started his speech from Hzt Ibrahim(A.S) imamat and ended with Ahl e Bayt. We being a Muslim respect Amir e Muhawiha(R.A) and he was not responsible for his son Yazeed’s sins.
This was the battle of Truth and Falsehood (Haq o Batil for two different theories. It was not for the kingship. Some scholars nowadays are propagating in favour of Yazeed which is wrong. Like Ibrahim(A.S) and Nimrood, there could be no compromise on Truth or Falsehood. Truth Alhumdulillah won and Imam Hussain (R.A) names lives on around the world. He is also leader of youth in Jannah as per prophet Mohammad (saw)said, and nobody remembers Yazeed and Ibn Ziad in good words. He also mentioned the importance of having love and respect of the Ahle Bayt from the Quran and Hadiths . It is mandatory upon all Muslims to have love and respect for the family of the holy prophet, namely the prophet, Hazrat Ali, Hazrat Fatima, Imaam Hassan and Imaam Hussein (R.A).
After Isha Br. Afroz invited the chief guest speaker Allama Mohammad Ayyub Chishti, qadri (Imam and Khateeb Masjid Auliya Allah in Surrey).
He narrated few Quran verses (Sura Maida) and Hadiths. He explained the priority of prophets on each other and then our beloved prophet Mohammad (SAW) status among those. Who would be nearest to the Prophet(saw) would definitely have more respect than others i.e. Prophet’s wives, daughters, sons, relatives and all companions.
He spoke of Imam Hussain’s greatest sacrifice of life for the sake of Deen that we have today. Maulana Ayub also said that it is no doubt that Panjtan Pak (Prophet Muhammad (SAW), Ali (R.A.), Fatima (R.A.), Hassan and Hussain (R.A), are Ahle Bayt but Prophet’s close family members and
relatives are also the Ahle Bayt and it is proved through Hadiths.
The program finished with Salaat o Salaam and Duaa made by Allama
Mohammad Ayyub ,everyone left after having a delicious dinner.

::Hon. Prime Minister Of Fiji Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama Dinner With Fiji Muslims In Canada

October 4th, The Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama attended Fiji Day Celebrations in Surrey organized by Canadian Society of Fiji Muslims and the Muslim Business Council of British Columbia.
A traditional Kava Ceremony was held to greet the PM accompanied by his wife Mary.The Prime Minister personally thanked the Fijian community for assisting in Fiji’s socioeconomic development and after his speech delivered awards on behalf of the organizers to long time community activists. Prime Minister’s said in his speech.
“First let me begin by saying thank you for the traditional ceremony of welcome you’ve accorded myself, my wife Mary, and my delegation. I can’t fully express how much it means to me personally to share in our traditions with all of you this evening, so far away from our shores. Every year, Fiji Day is our chance to reflect on the ties that connect us as members of the same extended Fijian family. Let us all remember that those ties are not defined by our ethnicity, our religion, our gender or our status in society, but rather they are defined by the love we share for our great country and our commitment to one another.
The darkest parts of Fijian history are those times that we failed to recognise these common bonds—something that many in this room are all too familiar with. There are few greater tragedies than that of a citizen to feel like an unwelcome stranger in their own home. My delegation is also here today to make the integration process as easy as possible, whether you wish to return to Fiji to visit on holiday or want to make your voice heard in the upcoming elections. Officials from the Elections Office are also here to assist with voter registration for those who are eligible.
Thank you to the Government and people of Canada, of British Columbia and our Fijian family here in Vancouver for making this celebration such a success. As we celebrate 47 years of Independence, let’s all remember that our mission is never over and we must keep Fiji moving forward. We must stay unified, one nation and one people, dedicated to realising a brighter future.
A very happy Fiji Day celebration to all of you.”Vinaka vakalevu. Thank you.
Note: Edited Speech......

::Dr.Farhat Hashmi and Dr.Idrees Zubair Visit British Columbia

Renowned scholars from Pakistan, Dr. Farhat Hashmi (founder of Al-Huda Institute), and her husband Dr. Idrees Zubair visited the Lower Mainland as part of their Ilm Tour. It was an honour to have them here and all three lectures of Dr. Hashmi and two lectures by Dr. Zubair were attended by a large number of men and women of all ages.
Dr. Farhat Hashmi’s first lecture was in Surrey at Al-Iman Islamic Centre on October 3rd. The topic of this lecture was “Allah Is the Greatest” in which she focused on the sovereignty of Allah. On October 4th, she gave the first lecture at a Community Hall in Richmond. The theme of this lecture was “The Bequest of Ume Hakeemah to Her Son”. The emphasis was on how not to advise your children, which was very informative, especially for mothers. Her last lecture took place in Guildford Islamic Centre in the evening of October 4th. Here she spoke on the topic of “Passion for Good Deeds” in which she highlighted how we can do good deeds even by doing small things in everyday life.
Dr. Idrees Zubair delivered his first talk at Guildford Islamic Centre on October 2nd gave the second lecture at at Al-Iman Islamic Centre Surrey the next day. He touched on different topics including Dhikr of Allah(SWT). All programs were wonderfully organized and were supported by all the dedicated volunteers who kept the program running smoothly as well as provided lunch.
dinner and snacks afterwards.

::Al-Huda International

Al-Huda International Welfare Foundation was founded in 1994 in Pakistan. It is striving to enlighten people with the knowledge of the Qur’an and Sunnah of the Prophet (saw) while serving the people through diverse social welfare programs. Alhamdulillah, not only in Pakistan but in many countries of the world, branches of Al-Huda are actively working to attain this objective. Following departments operate under this foundation. AlHuda International School (AIS), an aspiration of Dr. Farhat Hashmi, and a dream shared by thousands of Muslims within Pakistan and abroad; is a one of a kind school that provides excellent academic education based on Islamic guidelines. Founded in September 2010 in Islamabad, with a small team of dynamic, sincere and passionate individuals, AIS has grown into a well-recognized educational system within a short span of time.
Born in Sargodha, Punjab, Pakistan in 1957, Dr Hashmi is the daughter of a well known Islamic scholar, and thus had her initial Islamic learning at home. Her father (Late) Abdur Rehman Hashmi was a prominent religious scholar and ranked 53rd in the noble generation of the companion, Ibn Abbas (r.a). Her father was responsible for instilling in her the desire to spread the word of Allah. Her innate genius and sincerity was coupled with a supportive and like-minded husband, Dr. Muhammad Idrees Zubair, also a scholar with special interest in “Hadith”.As a student, Dr Hashmi excelled throughout her academic career, winning numerous medals, prizes and scholarships. After completing her Bachelor’s degree from Sargodha Degree College, she did her Masters in Arabic from Punjab University, Lahore. Dr Hashmi started her career as a lecturer in Sargodha Degree College. Soon after, she joined as a faculty member of the International Islamic University Islamabad. She was awarded with a merit scholarship to proceed for her Ph.D. in “Hadith Sciences” from the University of Glasgow, Scotland, which awarded her the title of “Doctor”.On her return, she again resumed teaching at the International Islamic University. While teaching at the University, she simultaneously continued conducting Quranic study circles for women. After realizing that there is a strong need for promoting the deeper understanding of Quran, she decided to establish a center of Islamic learning. This is how her brainchild, “Al-Huda International”, came into being in 1994 in Islamabad.
Dr. Idrees Zubair is currently the Director of Al Huda International Welfare Foundation. In 1983, he began his career as a lecturer at the International Islamic University, Islamabad in the Department of Usool-ud-Deen. In 1985, Dr. Zubair went to the University of Glasgow, Scotland to pursue a Ph.D in Hadith Sciences with his wife Dr. Farhat Hashmi. He has previously held the position of Associate Professor in the Islamic Research Institute and also served as the Chairman of the Hadith Department at Allama Iqbal Open University. Dr. Zubair has lectured in different parts of the world and has taught diverse courses in Islamic Sciences.
Dr. Zubair and his wife established Al Huda in 1994 with the aim of educating Muslims about the meanings of the Qur’an. Over the last two decades, Al Huda has expanded across many countries around the world with students numbering in the thousands.













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Local Events

::Emergency Fundraiser For Myanmar organised by Local Muslims Organisations
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