Volume 17 Issue
Volume 17 Issue 459-Jamadi ul Awal 16, 1439 AH February 02, 2018

   :: Your Opnion

::Thanks Allah(swt) on Completion of Miracle’s 16th year !

Once again alhamdulillah, it is a great occasion in the Miracle Media Group Inc.’s history as it has completed sixteen years -a long journey that began on Feb 23rd, 2001. I want to thank the supporters and well wishers of ‘The Miracle’ for providing continuous support through advertisements of their businesses, sharing their thoughts in writing with our readers, especially Mr. Nusrat Hussain, Mr. Shams Jilani, Mr. Aslam Hayat, Mr. Azhar Syed, Maulana Abdul Lateef Naumani, Mr. Mian Tariq Javed (Toronto), Mrs. Shamim Karim, Mrs. Alam Ara, Mrs. Shabnam Khan, Dr. Huma Mir, Ms. Fatma Nadeem, Ms. Asma Ayyaz, Mrs. Nafisa Siddiqi, Mr. Mohammad Ali Wahlah and many others.
The Miracle team feels proud to have established and continued our tradition of special editions on occasions such as Federal, Provincial and Civic Elections, Independence Day of Pakistan, Eid ul-Fitr and Eid ul Adha. In past few years, the Miracle conducted many successful Election Forums on Civic, Provincial and Federal Elections debates. Recently at 2015 Federal Elections the Miracle Media did a vital role to conduct Surrey Candidates grand debate under the banner of BC Muslim Print Media.
We held Qirat and Hamad o Naat competitions, awards for Miracle Youth, Advertisers, Sponsors and Writers. Miracle Media also conducted three 6 hours long exciting Musical Competition programs for tributes the legendry Pakistani Singers Mehdi Hassan and Nusrat Fateh Ali KhanMixed Pakistani songs, these programs engaged children, youth, adults and seniors of all communities.
On Feb 19, 2016 again Miracle Media arranged a quality program of Miracle’s Writers and Musicians awards with Sham e Ghazal night to tribute the great legendry Pakistani singers, Mehdi Hassan and Noor Jehan at a large scale.
The newspaper aims to provide a broad overview of the world through articles and images. Over the years, we have covered around 4300 events from all communities in efforts to keep up with our slogan,
“Bringing Harmony to all the communities”. We are also proud that when Non-Muslims read Miracle Newspaper, they learn more about Islam as well as the local and international Muslim community.
Feb 23, 2001 was a remarkable day for the BC Muslim community when Mr. Nusrat Hussain launched the first Muslim Newspaper on biweekly basis. His family’s and his day and night struggle gave a voice to the community.
Mr. Nusrat Hussain, founder of Miracle, handed me over the responsibility to run this show alone from Jan 2007. Thanks Mr. Hussain! I have been since trying to nourish your baby, The Miracle, to this day, Feb 17, 2017.
How successful my entire team and I have been in achieving this tasks? Well, the Miracle’s readers are the best judges.
Miracle is the only one who cares and respects all community members irrespective of colour, nationality and faith.
During its sixteen years of community service in journalism, the Miracle took one step ahead from our fellows in the field, from past four year we decided to give each advertisement special attention rather than printing consecutive 4-8 pages color ads and risk that readers will flip through all the ads without stopping. We have now divided each page in such a way so that the ads and articles are spread evenly on pages so our advertisers benefit from more exposure and our readers stay informed by reading articles and seeing what the businesses are offering at the same time.
We also pay thanks to our Advertisers.
Feel free to comment on this issue about Miracle’s Historical 16 years journey, as your concerns and suggestions are highly appreciated for improving our quality in future.
At the end I will not be honest if I do not appreciate the efforts of my Miracle’s family Khadija, Misbah, Sabeeh, Arslan, . Keep up the good work not only for the Miracle, but for all the community.
I thank everyone who took the time and sent their messages at Miracle’s16th Anniversary, including politicians, advertisers and well-wishing individuals from the community.
May Allah (SWT) accept your prayers for our success and may He help us in serving the community.

Jazaakumu Allahu Khairan.(Ameen)
Mohammad Naseer Pirzada
(Editor in-Chief)

::From the pen of the Founding Editor 15 Years of The Miracle

Sqn. Ldr. (R) Nusrat Hussain
Media plays a significant role in the fast changing environment of modern times. It informs, entertains and campaigns in a manner that affects the thought process of the people. William Bernbach said,
‘All of us who professionally use the mass media are the shapers of society. We can vulgarize that society. We can brutalize it. Or we can help lift it onto a higher level.’ Every revolution started from a thought and changed the character of an entire society. Media can help in the promotion of positive thought process.
It is imperative that the media must enjoy the freedom to perform without personal preferences and dislikes. People should be able to communicate and discuss their issues by using the power of words in a civilized manner.
The Miracle has entered the seventeenth year of
publication. It is the first bi-lingual newspaper of British Columbia that consistently continues to serve the community. Mr. Naseer Pirzada and his team
deserve all the praise for their hard work.
Normal letter writing, after the advent of email has almost diminished. Similarly, with the introduction of Social media, print media too is losing its popularity. However, it wouldn’t diminish in totality and would continue to serve the needs of many for more time to come. Many authors have been introduced who regularly serve the community through their thought provoking articles in the Miracle. Muslim businesses have flourished by advertising in the paper.
All the different Muslim organizations regularly
disseminate their events and programs through the paper. Introduction of the ‘Marriage Bureau’ through the paper has helped many to find the right spouse.
‘The Miracle’ plays an instrumental role of introducing the young talent through different Qirat, Naat Khawani, Qiuz and Musical programs.
In my opinion; the most important contribution of ‘The Miracle’ is- the realization of the presence of a vibrant Muslim community by all the other communities of British Columbia.
The Miracle’s slogan and policy of ‘Bringing harmony to all the communities,’ richly contributed towards the positive interaction between the different communities operating within and outside the sphere of religion. The Muslim community of Canada has been recognized as a vibrant political force by all the national and provincial political parties of Canada. The Miracle, like many other Muslim publications presented the thought of the Muslim populace.
I wish all the best to the entire Miracle Team,
its advertisers, writers and the readers.
Long Live ‘The Miracle.’


::Congratulations of Miracle’s 16th Anniversary
By:Nafisa Siddiqui
Congratulations to team Miracle for completing sixteen years of this
miraculous journey. I joined your clan couple of years back and can see that
each edition is better than previous one. There is more local, Pakistani and
international news.
Special editions on Independence Day of Pakistan, Eid Ul fitr and Eid ul
Adha always attract readers. Miracle news has become an integral part of
local Muslim community. Miracle news is not only keeping the Muslims
informed but also playing an important role in keeping harmony between
different ethnic groups. Mr.Pirzada and his hard working team truly deserve
to be praised for their hard work and dedication.
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